Celebrating 20 Years of Twice As Good!

In the middle of May, either the 10th or the 17th (been so long we can't remember) of the year 2003, Paul and Rich did their first official public performance as “Twice As Good” at a little barbeque restaurant on Santa Rosa Avenue in Santa Rosa called Terry's Southern BBQ. The rest is history.

The band that night was Russell Sedeno on drums (Rich's brother in law) and Andy Campbell on bass (bassist formerly of the previous group Red Man Blues). On the dance floor was Auntie Elvida Gomes (Rich's great-aunt, a cousin of his step-dad Pete Smith), and many more of our lifelong friends, fans, and family.

We thank you all for your support over the years as we continue to deliver our commitment to “good music”, “good quality”, and “hard work”. We believed then as we do now, we can rise to the occasion and be… 2 X G.

Band Members Hall of Fame

We give thanks to all our band mates, past and present.

Russell Sedeno (drums) - Uncle Russ was Paul's cousin Nat's dad, and he used to watch Paul as a little boy when going over to Russ' house to play with cousin Nat. Russ was an early influence in Paul's musical learning. When Paul began to play guitar, Russ invited him and his dad over to join in Russ' family band at the house for jam sessions. Russ and his brother Louie played oldies and Mexican cumbia music, which Paul got to learn and play along. Russ has past on but always in our hearts.

Danny Figueroa (bass) - Yuki from Round Valley Reservation, Danny used to play with Rich's uncle (Rich's mom's cousin) Hank Gonzales (Pomo, Big Valley) who was a popular Country singer-guitarist and sang traditional Pomo for ceremonies and gatherings. Danny recorded a great album with Hank as “Hank and the Country Classics”. Danny joined the band from Russ' recommendation and did his first performance with Twice As Good at the 2003 S.C.I.H.P. Youth Olympics event that Spring.

George Guardino (drums)

Earl Bates (drums)

Earl Knight (harmonica)

Terry Dilbeck (drums)

Bryce Hodge (drums)

Chris Hoke (bass)

Julius Johnson (drums)

Jahon Pride (bass)

Robert Watson (bass)

Billy Johnson (drums)

Frankie J. Jones (keyboard)

Harvey Hughes (drums)

Robert Reason (keyboards)

Tim Jackson (drums)

Kevin Stewart (keyboards)