Richard Steward, the father, celebrates his 73rd birthday and goes into semi-retirement

Everyone, give a hand to Mr. Richard Steward! The father of the famed father-son duo Twice As Good.

Richard celebrated his 73rd birthday on June 23rd, 2024 and after a wonderful dinner and cake with family, he declared that he will be semi-retiring now. Due to some health complications, it has become difficult for Richard to be mobile and get around. He is also dealing with on-set of dementia and his memory sometimes slips.
He can continue to perform Twice As Good's weekly residency show at Graton Resort & Casino for the time being.

Richard asks his fans to continue supporting Paul Steward, who will carry on the music and legacy of Twice As Good as Paul grows his solo career. In supporting Paul, it will also support Richard's grandson William who may grow up and be the next future of Twice As Good.

Thank you all,